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UI/UX design teacher

Join the global community of industry experts to play a crucial role in growing the next generation of tech talents. Providing a life-changing educational experience, you will help people worldwide build great tech careers. You will teach online, in up to 15 students' live classes, during evening hours (and on weekends if previously agreed), combining it with your main work or/and family. Our team of methodologists will guide you through the teaching process and support you at every stage to help you achieve the best results as a teacher at Beetroot Academy.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for an impact-driven person thrilled to share gained knowledge and professional experience with our students. 

The main requirements are:

  • you’re a middle or senior UI/UX designer
  • you have strong communication skills
  • you have a upper-intermediate/advanced written and spoken English skills 
  • you understand the layout principles and features of how developers reproduce layout designs.

Your Figma skills:

  • you utilize styles;
  • you use auto layout actively;
  • components and variants are part of your flow;
  • you work with modular grids and know how to create adaptive and responsive layouts;
  • you create interactive prototypes for testing and design presentation;
  • you know how to prepare a Pixel Perfect layout with Bootstrap and 8px Grid to hand over to developers.

Your UX skills:

  • you know how to conduct UX research;
  • you create mind maps and project architecture;
  • you know how to build empathy maps, UX personas, and CJMs;
  • you understand and apply the principles of Atomic Design;
  • you develop user flow, create wireframes, and test them.

Your UI skills:

  • you follow the principles of visual hierarchy and composition techniques for creating high-quality layouts;
  • you understand how to select and combine colors;
  • you actively work with typography, know how to choose font pairs and why one should adjust line height and letter spacing.

Will be a bonus:

  • mentoring and teaching experience;
  • public speaking experience.

What will you do?

  • teach students in live classes via Zoom 2-3 times a week;
  • check their progress and correct the learning process according to their needs;
  • build a supportive classroom community;
  • motivate and inspire students to overcome challenges they face during studying;
  • support diversity, equity, and inclusion in communication;
  • participating in our events as a speaker is an option.

What we offer

  • Deep and structure your knowledge base by preparing for the classes
  • Develop your leadership skills by teaching
  • Promote yourself at work by showing teaching experience
  • Find a trainee or junior specialist for your team, if needed
  • Join a vast network of tech specialists who teach at Beetroot Academy
  • Get access to free English lessons after your first group graduates, join any of our courses for free and get a 50% discount for family members after the third one.

If you like the perspective of being a teacher at Beetroot Academy, apply now. We will contact you and describe the next steps of the recruitment process.